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Why Sigma Nu?

Sigma Nu is an Honor fraternity. We are a fraternity, not a club, for men, not boys, based upon the Honor Principle, not expediency or situational ethics.

No Hazing

Sigma Nu opposes the practice of Hazing. 

People often associate hazing with fraternities.

Sigma Nu is unique in the fact that we were

founded based on Honor, which stems from

our Founders rebelling against the common

practice of hazing at Virginia Military Institute in

Lexington, Virginia. That principle still holds true today.

The Fraternal Staff works tirelessly to educate our undergraduate and alumni members on the importance of teaching our Candidates (new members) through activities free of hazing, primarily our LEAD Program (Leadership, Ethics, Achievement, Development). Sigma Nu also sponsors an anti-hazing hotline and email address to anonymously report acts of hazing.

This service is not only available to our undergraduate members, but to you as well. Should you believe that someone is being hazed, please call our toll-free Anti-Hazing Hotline at 1-800-NOT-HAZE or send an email to You do not have to give your name.

Learn more about Sigma Nu’s Anti-Hazing Initiatives.


In each of our chapters, every man who

joins will have the opportunity to run for

one of 18 leadership positions. Through

formal training, resources, coaching,

experience and practice, these officers

will develop their leadership skills as they

learn how to manage and lead an organization.

A part of our mission has been, and always will

be, to develop ethical leaders inspired by the

principles of Love, Honor and Truth.

The LEAD Program is Sigma Nu’s highly acclaimed five-phase ethical leadership development program. The men who join Sigma Nu will start LEAD during new member education, and can continue their development throughout their entire time as a collegian. To learn more, visit the LEAD Program page.

In addition to the formal leadership positions, programs, and training that Sigma Nu offers, some of the best opportunities lie in the informal and intangible leadership experiences that happen—building an organization from the ground up, learning how to manage and deal with people, balancing business and brotherhood—these invaluable experiences build character, maturity, and especially leadership.


Community service (giving time) and

philanthropy (raising and donating money)

are important parts of the Sigma Nu experience.

Our Sigma Nu chapter will organize community

service projects, participate in other campus

organization service activities, and provide service

opportunities for individual members. We will also

host philanthropy events and other student

organization philanthropies.

These provide great opportunities to contribute time and raise funds for charity, build social connections, establish friendships, and have fun in the process.

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